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holistic facial foundations - payment plan

the holistic facial foundations program focuses on the integration of alternative rejuvenation protocols that will elevate your facial treatments or holistic practice.

the theoretical and practical aspects of this course focus on a deeper understanding of how these modalities assist in lymphatic drainage, meridian therapy, wrinkle and scar reduction, and facial and eye rejuvenation.

  • gua sha facial massage

  • facial cupping

  • kansa wand massage

  • ayurvedic spa protocols

this course is open to all individuals seeking an opportunity in the holistic/wellness field or interested in furthering their knowledge.


holistic facial foundations is 100% online and self-paced. the course is split up into five modules, each ranging from 1.5 to three hours in length


part 01 — fascia + lymph

part 02 — connective tissue + meridians + gua sha

part 03 — facial cupping

​part 04 — ayurveda + marma points + kansa wand

​part 05 — ayurveda in skin care


a certificate is rewarded upon completing all course requirements.

our certification program is not a diploma program and offers certificate qualification training. please check with your local licensing board or with us for more regulations and restrictions. we are based in canada but provide the opportunity to provide our services globally.