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3 monthly payments

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frequency aesthetics - payment plan

through the frequency aesthetics program, you will learn the proper diagnostic tools to implement multidimensional healing and program rituals in your practice. you will have the opportunity to serve your clientele from a higher frequency and knowledge. 

this course is open to all individuals seeking an opportunity in the holistic/wellness field or interested in furthering their knowledge. 


frequency aesthetics is 100% online and self-paced. the course content is split into six modules, each ranging from two to three hours.



part 01 — turning on receiving mode

part 02 — finding your frequency

part 03 — to become again; multidimensional beauty

part 04 — reclaiming intuition + pendulum dowsing 101

part 05 — dowsing for skincare + magic in the treatment room

part 06 — embodying the healer you


a certificate is rewarded upon completing all course requirements.  


what people are saying:

I am so content and gratified. I feel I can now better service and enhance my clients needs. With all my spiritual gifts bestowed upon me I was somewhat overwhelmed and wasn't sure how to incorporate Pendulum into my practice. I feel so equipped and you're right I will do it my way. Thank you for your "gifts" as I feel so much better. I am using your guidance to allow the flow of frequency/energy to bring about 'change and discovery to this sometimes "old" and "stuck" demographic I work with. Ugh.... xoxoxo Forever in your debt and with much appreciation.