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program begins january 8, 2024


are you...

- struggling to stand out in a crowded beauty industry?
- seeking a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional skincare?
- wanting to boost your confidence and skills as an esthetician?
- wondering how to connect with clients on a deeper level?


intuitive aesthetics: the whole skin method is the solution.

elevate your career as a holistic esthetician and step into the future of skin care.


join our immersive online program to:
- develop your intuitive aesthetic abilities
- embrace wellness + energy  focused skincare practices
- build a thriving spa business
- create lasting client connections with abundant referrals

program begins january 8, 2024

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unlocking the future of beauty

welcome to the future of beauty‚ÄĒintuitive aesthetics, where traditional aesthetics seamlessly merge with the profound power of intuition. in this transformative program, we've redefined the boundaries of skin care and holistic wellness. it's not just a course; it's a holistic journey toward your fullest potential as an esthetician.


program begins january 8, 2024

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intuitive aesthetics: the whole skin method 

embark on a journey of holistic skincare, business success, and personal growth

what you'll experience

  • 12-month comprehensive curriculum
  • mentorship and community support
  • unlearning outdated practices
  • holistic spa business development
  • advanced aesthetic techniques¬†¬†

it’s time to nurture yourself like never before.

program begins january 8, 2024

limited spots available: only 11 openings in this exclusive program

unlock your intuitive aesthetic powers

module 1 to 4: the foundation

in these initial modules, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, honing your intuitive abilities and cultivating a deeper connection with your body and spirit. you'll unlearn static beauty industry practices and embrace a new way of approaching skincare that's rooted in intuition and self-awareness.

topics include like grounding in intuition, body awareness, unlearning limiting beliefs, and reclaiming sovereignty.

module 5: the transformative jade by jem line

this module introduces you to the jade by jem product line, a collection of products that synergize perfectly with the whole skin method. you'll become well-versed in the product line, confidently recommending and using these transformative products in your skincare treatments.

module 6 to 10: elevating your skills

build upon the intuitive foundation and begin applying it to the whole skin method principles. learn to enhance your intuitive abilities in product selection and how to integrate intuitive beauty healing techniques into your treatments.

topics include emotional release techniques, crystal elixirs, and energy healing, all of which elevate the healing experience for clients.

module 11 to 16: deepening your practice

continue to deepen your understanding and application of intuitive beauty healing. these modules refine your techniques, strengthen client relationships, and help you emerge as confident and empowered practitioners.

topics include intuitive skin analysis, nurturing client relationships, mastering the business side of skincare, and setting intentions for continued development and success.

module 17 to 23: the signature facial treatment

the pinnacle of your journey is the signature facial treatment, where you'll master the whole skin method signature facial treatment, delivering a customized and soul-nourishing experience to your clients.

module 24 to 27: case study + mentorship 



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the birth of an intuitive approach


the whole skin method is the culmination of years of passion, dedication, and a deep desire to provide skincare that goes beyond surface beauty. rooted in holistic principles, it represents a transformative journey in skincare and holistic well-being.


this holistic approach was born out of a strong commitment to empowering estheticians and skincare professionals with the tools and knowledge to create truly exceptional skincare experiences. the journey began with a realization that beauty is not just skin deep; it's an intricate interplay between the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of an individual.

program begins january 8, 2024

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emilee fernandes, the whole skin method founder & intuitive esthetician

emilee fernandes, a visionary in the world of skincare, is here to lead you through this life-changing journey.

with her expertise as an intuitive esthetician and the creator of the whole skin method by jem, emilee has helped countless individuals achieve their skin goals while unlocking their inner confidence.

"the inspiration to develop the whole skin method came from countless hours of research, practice, and most importantly, from working closely with clients who were seeking more than just standard skincare treatments. it was clear that a new, more profound approach to skincare was needed ‚Äď one that embraced intuition, emotional support, and a personalized touch."
-emilee fernandes, on her why for developing the whole skin method


why intuitive aesthetics is the future


holistic wisdom meets modern expertise: the beauty industry is evolving, and so should your practice. our program transcends conventional approaches, empowering you to harness holistic wisdom alongside your expert skills. it's time to explore beyond the superficial, addressing the root causes of skin concerns for long-lasting transformation.

signature dowsing techniques: at the heart of intuitive aesthetics lies our signature dowsing techniques. this ancient practice, grounded in intuitive energy work, will completely alchemize your offerings. you'll gain a profound understanding of how energy flows within your clients, helping you tailor treatments like never before.

holistic healing for holistic wellness:¬†holistic beauty isn't just about skincare; it's about holistic wellness. you'll learn to perceive your clients as multidimensional beings‚ÄĒmind, body, and soul. by addressing their complete well-being, you'll forge deeper connections and deliver results that extend far beyond the surface.

a vibrant community: join a vibrant community of like-minded professionals who've already embraced this holistic revolution. share experiences, insights, and discoveries, and together, let's redefine the future of beauty.

 program begins january 8, 2024

limited spots available: only 11 openings in this exclusive program

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signature dowsing techniques: unleash the power of energy work

our hallmark dowsing techniques are the crown jewel of this program. these intuitive tools will empower you to:

  • diagnose energy blockages: you'll learn to pinpoint energy blockages within your clients' bodies, shedding light on underlying emotional and energetic causes of skin concerns.
  • customize treatments:¬†armed with this insight, you'll tailor treatments that are precisely attuned to each client's unique energy profile. no more one-size-fits-all solutions; you'll be an artisan of personalized holistic care.
  • achieve lasting results:¬†by addressing the energetic roots of skin issues, you'll facilitate profound healing. your clients won't just look better; they'll feel better, experiencing lasting results and improved overall wellness.
i am ready to embrace the future of beauty

ready to embrace the future of beauty?

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program begins january 8th



8 monthly payments

  • 12-month comprehensive curriculum
  • live lectures every other tuesday 10-11am EST
  • recorded sessions available for rewatch and download
  • downloadable supportive course documents
  • instructor and community support
  • pricing in CAD funds
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two payments of $4,388.50

  • 12-month comprehensive curriculum
  • live lectures every other tuesday 10-11am EST
  • recorded session
    available for rewatch and download
  • downloadable supportive course documents
  • instructor¬†¬†and community support
  • pricing in CAD funds
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join the movement: become an intuitive esthetician

✨boost your career: elevate your esthetician practice with cutting-edge holistic methods
 ✨holistic wisdom: learn to harness the power of intuition for better skin health

✨proven results: join a community of successful professionals who've transformed their careers


intuitive aesthetics is not just a course; it's a holistic journey toward your fullest potential as an esthetician. it's about embracing the future of beauty, where intuition, energy work, and holistic healing combine to create transformations that are as deep as they are lasting.

are you ready to redefine beauty, one client at a time? become an intuitive esthetician and lead the way to a brighter, more holistic future in the beauty industry.

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