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we are not just a wellness collective; we are a movementā€”a beacon of empowerment and inspiration for those seeking to embrace their highest potential and live their most vibrant lives.Ā 

we believe in a transformative power, where mind, body, and spirit unite to ignite your inner light and illuminate your path to personal growth and fulfillment.Ā 

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jem aesthetics academy

jem aesthetics academy is the global leader in elevating the standards in aesthetic education.Ā these transformative courses are grounded in the belief that skin health reflects the harmony of the whole person. here, knowledge becomes empowerment.

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[em]body collective

step into an online community of empowered creators, visionary leaders, and change-makers. here, you'll find connection, support, and inspiration as you journey alongside like-minded souls committed to personal growth and collective evolution.

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[em]erge sessions

embark on a personalized journey of self-discovery and transformation with aĀ one-on-oneĀ coaching experience. you'll tap into your inner strength, unlock your true potential, and illuminate the path forward with clarity, confidence, and purpose.

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jade by jem, transcends conventional beauty culture, focusing on skin barrier repair. with each application, our luxurious, fragrance-free formulas evoke a sense of beauty that goes beyond appearances, allowing individuals to feel deeply connected and embodied.

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beauty is a product of becoming whole

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founder & creator

emilee fernandesĀ 


from an early age,Ā emileeĀ had an innate ability to see and create pathways to success where others see obstacles. she studied coaching and sport development and competed as a high-level athlete before embarking onĀ her entrepreneurial journey.Ā 

emilee'sĀ intuitive nature and keen sense of energy have ledĀ her to build multiple successful businesses, including a spa, training academy, skincare company, and an industrial company.

since 2010, emilee have been assisting clients in breaking through obstacles and achieving their goals. with expertise in intuitive unblocking, business coaching, startup support, and wellness curation, she offers transformative solutions.Ā 

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