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elevate your spa and wellness enterprise to a new dimension within the beauty landscape.

master the art of tailoring treatments to cater to your clients' holistic needs, encompassing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.

unlock the power to co-create beauty-infused rituals that resonate with the frequencies of the future in the beauty industry.

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intuitive aesthetics: the whole skin method

embrace the future of beauty, hone intuition, holistic healing, and spa business success in a 12-month immersive program.

program begins january 8, 2024

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skin health therapies 

fundamentals of skin health. 

embark on a journey of clarity and elevation as you deepen your understanding of skin health and its profound impact on overall well-being.

ideal for beginners and pros. explore skin from cellular functions to client profiling. gain in-depth knowledge and skills.

self-paced learning

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holistic facial foundations

elevate your facial treatments with alternative rejuvenation techniques like gua sha, facial cupping, kansa wand massage, and ayurvedic spa protocols, emphasizing lymphatic drainage, meridian therapy, and rejuvenation.

self-paced learning

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frequency aesthetics

unlock diagnostic tools for multidimensional healing and transformative rituals. elevate your practice to serve clients with heightened knowledge and a higher frequency approach.

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the evolved esti's guide to energy

elevate your practice with this three-step guide. harness your inner potential – you are the ultimate tool. transform your work, deepen connections, and embrace abundance and beauty in your treatment room.

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unlock the power of dowsing charts for intuitive wholeness

explore harmonious energy, deep insights, and radiant well-being. dive into self-discovery and energetic alignment with the whole skin method by jem dowsing charts

our charts guide you on an extraordinary journey, connecting with your intuitive self and accessing your inner wisdom. 

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