frequency aesthetics

drawing from the concept that physical diseases or skin dysfunctions often originate beyond the physical realm, frequency aesthetics empowers advanced practitioners to address the root causes rather than merely addressing surface symptoms.

this transformative course is a life-altering experience that will not only enhance your business but also harmonize your lifestyle.

within the frequency aesthetics program, you will gain proficiency in diagnostic tools for implementing multidimensional healing and personalized rituals in your practice. this knowledge will elevate your ability to serve your clients at a heightened frequency, offering a deeper level of understanding and care.

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in this online course you will learn

part 01 — turning on receiving mode

part 02 — finding your frequency

part 03 — to become again; multidimensional beauty

part 04 — reclaiming intuition + pendulum dowsing 101

part 05 — dowsing for skincare + magic in the treatment room

part 06 — embodying the healer you



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$495 CAD


three payments

$180 CAD/month


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